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Can't get enough of tasty Zachy goodness?  Order your fill here and beef up on some hearty CD deliciousness, some filling DVD yumminess, or a Glossy appetizer!  Do it.  You know you want to.

The CD contains 8 tracks from the Creekside Sessions and is 100% pure Zach.

The CD contains the following eight songs "What You Do To My Heart", "Can't Get Enough", "Can't Get Enough (Acoustic Cut)", "Holy Spirit Speak", "Jaded", "Let Him In", "Lush", and "Pour Your Love On Me".

Stop and listen...and let your atmosphere be changed!

This extraordinary 2-Disc Set (yes, TWO-disc set!) contains nearly 4 hours commemorating a special Facebook-Idol contest all-expenses-paid trip to New York to record "Lush,", "I'll Never Forget You," and "Sanctuary."  Join Zach and filmmaker Ryan as they take on New York City and visit The SinSin Leopard Lounge, The Statue of Liberty, The World Trade Center Tribute Center, Times Square, and more!  See Zach record his songs at Sweatshop Studios in Katonah, NY.  It's a double-disc extravaganza loaded with laughs, love and, well, other things.  Stop and watch...and let your atmosphere be changed!

The Glossy, is well, a Glossy.  it's a beautifully rich 8x10 color image, and it's custom signed by Yours Truly, Zach!  Don't just settle for any old Googled image.  Trust me, you want the original.  Get the one and only custom glossy signed by the one and only Zach Trandum.  Put a thumbtack in it and post it on the wall, tape it to your window while you're driving, or stitch it to your pillow for while you sleep, to snuggle with or whatever.

And be ye content.

Order now, or the world will end.

When you make your selection, a new window will popup with a *secure* order form through Paypal.  And don't worry - there there - you haven't lost Zach in the process.  He's still here!  If you'd like to go back and order more of the same product, or additional products, just come back to this window.  Zach will be right here waiting for you with a big warm hug.

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